I painted this as a wedding gift to a couple, who eloped and got married.

Translation for my non – Indian readers: it is a great crime in the eyes of society, if you do not marry with in your caste( classification/(discrimination) of society based on birth). Society and family pressurises them to sacrifice their love and freedom in the name of family honour. So, couples are forced to elope and get married, in order to be together.

In this painting, I tried to capture the moment of creation, .. the moment of temptation, of defiance and of knowledge… every one of is a rule breaker in some way or the other, there is something primal and untamed in our souls seeking release…to taste the forbidden… to kiss the darkness..





date 15.5.2013


15 thoughts on “Defiance

  1. Lovely painting! There sure are a lot of symbols in there~ I think I saw the forbidden fruit too! Oh and the flames. Passion and the society’s disdain. Well executed~
    Keep it up~! 😀

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  2. These are lovely paintings, fiery with the emotion of romance and lust. You paint very well. Really like how the orange colour stands out behind the couple, drawing attention to their union. “to kiss the darkness” Such a great line, and that is so apt to describe non-approved couplings in some societies. In a way, I think it’s sad some couples cannot be together because of what society thinks. Then again, sometimes what society thinks can be rational and practical…no wonder love and the act of forming a partnership can be hard in some cultures.

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    1. I think, even in highly liberal societies, the written and unwritten norms of society dictate the terms of sexuality, love and marriage to control and maintain the existing divisions and status quos in society. It doesn’t always have to be caste, it could be ethnicity, religion, gender, and most importantly class.
      It would be unthinkable for a White woman from a racist family to marry a black guy, simply because of disapproval from loved ones or for a millionaire to marry an illiterate lower class woman or for a woman to marry another woman, for the same reason. The degree of disapproval, punishment or social exclusion may vary from society to society, but no society is free from it.


      1. You are right, and those are two prime examples of the status quo at work there. It all ultimately boils down to our personal believes and how we choose to live our lives. Some of us might be strong and are able to put up with the way society views them for going against the norm. But for some of us, not so. Either way, we have to choose to make a sacrifice one way or the other.

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