it’s my birthday

Hi all,

I have disappeared from the face of all social networking sites, watsapp and even my good old gmail account.. reason : I am writing my doctoral thesis like a crazy woman. I have to submit the first draft of my work for approval in july and the writing fever has set in.. So, that’s my excuse for not keeping in touch..

Today is a specil day, it’s my birthday.. So, what better day to catch a break.So I thought I’ll just drop in, say hi and solemnly promise that by july end you shall definitely see more posts from me.


lots of love..



4 thoughts on “it’s my birthday

  1. Lo and behold….I’m in the middle of writing my latest post, took a moment to check my stats….and, there you were…well, your blog address I mean…it showed that you had viewed (at least) one of my posts….I cannot tell you how wonderfully-surprised and grateful I am….no pressure….you didn’t say anything, so I assume you just wanted to “peek in” and see what I’m up to….but, I want you to know that I think of you sooooooo often….you are wonderful, gifted, missed, and appreciated…. 🙂


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