Inertia(dedicated to sadaptation)

Isn’t it easy

to lie still ..

eyes half closed, mulling persecution

to float along

to just let things be

to drug the whirring brain

to gulp down the rising bile

to fashion a prison of memories and  time lost

a bitter fortress of failure and guilt

to look at the ticking clock but holding on to the mattress with clammy hands

No.. No .. it is not holding on to .. its rather

letting the body fall prey to gravity

to get lost in the maze of the social media circus

to numb emotion with fake friends’ and celebrity gossip

self doubt riding triumphant……. on the waves of anxiety

to contemplate death

to hold the very existence in the palm of a hand

watching time wreck its havoc

watching the void get bigger and bigger

a thick crusty tongue licking the last remnants of pride and esteem

to fade into and become

a part of the wall, the mattress or the TV

Isn’t it easy

to stumble along in the winding ‘What If’s

to blame and weep even though the tear ducts have long dried up

to forgo the rainshadow dreams

to muddy the canvas

to choose hatred and contempt

to just forget the pawned self

to die a thousand deaths than to feel alive for a single day..